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Being a member of the PA Hoops Academy family has had an incredibly positive impact our sons, both on and off the court. They joined PAHA with very different skill levels, and received exactly what they needed from the knowledgeable and experienced coaching staff to help them work towards their individual goals. PAHA's passionate coaches focus on developing them as a basketball players and teammates through clinics and competitive AAU team play.  PAHA emphasizes both skill work and character development for all athletes, whether they are just learning to play or trying to take their game to the next level.  We have participated in many area basketball programs, and PAHA is absolutely the best!

Doug and Jacy Rider

My oldest son has been with PA Hoops from the start.  When it came time for my younger son to start playing basketball there was no question he would also join PA Hoops. We have had a really great experience. Our boys have undoubtedly become better players and no doubt better teammates. My boys respect their coaches and more importantly feel respected. The coaches don’t teach the boys how to run basketball plays they teach them how to play basketball. The 3v3 allows kids of any skill level to develop their individual skills and the tournament teams put those skills to work in a more competitive environment. Most importantly to my husband and I - we know the coaches don’t necessarily care about “ winning” games but truly care about our boys development as both athletes and “men”.  My boys know there is learning in both losses and wins.  Sign your child up - you won’t be disappointed. 

Bernadette Demilio

Our son Alex has played basketball for the PA Hoops Academy for 2 years and he has grown significantly as a teammate and a player over that time.  The Academy offers consistency in coaching and court time throughout the year with a solid group of other dedicated competitive players.  The coaches are all pros who teach the kids to play fast with an emphasis on sound decision-making, energy and defense.  The program is also supportive of multi-sport athletes and our son was able to balance baseball and soccer schedules while continuing to improve his basketball game.

The Salata Family

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